Friday, October 21, 2011

Seduction Tips For Men: How To Win The Woman Of Your Dreams

We all have fantasies as men on the type of women we desire to marry. We would often fantasize that we would like to marry a tall and slim blonde, or a short and busty pretty girl, or an Asian among several others. But it is interesting to note that as much as we desire to marry these girls of our dreams, we lack the confidence to actually approach them when we come across them. We develop several ideas to confront them and to win their hearts, but our hearts melt and our feet wobble when we dare make moves to approach them. Has this happened to you before? Do not worry; it has happened to many of us as men. But you are about to learn basic seduction tips for men that would help you approach and win any desired woman of your dreams.

a. Develop conversational skills:To be able to approach and get the attention of any woman of your dreams, you must have the conversational skills to open up a decent conversation with her without appearing to be forward and intrusive. This requires tact and skill. The ability to open up decent and warming conversation with a woman you meet for the first time is more of an art. You must be able to interact with depth of knowledge and humor, to be able to attract and draw a woman naturally into conversation with you. Do not forget that most women are wary of men they meet for the first time, but you must be able to naturally secure their confidence by your conversational skills and ability to interact meaningfully.

b. You must act your natural self:The problem with most men is that they are not natural. They are too vague and fake. They forget that women are naturally intuitive to detect insecurity in men; and they interpret men who do not act natural as being insecure. You must be yourself when you walk up to a woman to speak or engage her in conversation. Do not act as if your old man owns the World Trade Centre or as if your aunt owns an island in the Caribbean; even if they do, some women do not want to see how that should make you a super-star.

c. Show self respect and honor:You must be able to show without appearing to do so that you have some high respects for yourself. You must show that you have dignity and integrity. You are a man of honor in spite of anything. Then women would like you for your stability and predictability. But when you are not a man of honor trying to pass off as one, women are naturally and mentally alerted that you are trying to have your way with them. They 'sense' you are trying to seduce them into bed. But a man of honor and respects would not have that as a goal with a woman he meets for the first time. When you are able to do this in the most natural and genteel manner, then you would be able to seduce a woman of your dreams.

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